Technical Information

Information on the materials, structure, preparation, installation and maintenance of our flooring ranges

Please click to view or download the technical information sheet for the following products:

LuxFeel – Technical Data

LuxFeel – Technical Data

LuxFeel – Care and Maintenance Guide

LuxFeel – Installation Guide

Acoustic LuxFeel – Technical Data

Acoustic LuxFeel – Technical Data

Acoustic LuxFeel – Installation Guide

Acoustic LuxFeel – Care and Maintenance Guide

Acoustic LuxFeel – Warranty 

Acoustic LuxFeel – Acoustic Test Result

Acoustic Luxfeel – Fire Test Result 

Acoustic LuxFeel Timber Style Flooring – Designer Brochure

LuxFeel Carpet – Brochure

Innovation Loose Lay 

Innovation Loose Lay – Brochure

Innovation Loose Lay – Product Warranty

Innovation Loose Lay – Care & Maintenance Guide

Innovation Loose Lay – Technical Specifications

Innovation Loose Lay – Slip Test 

Innovation Loose Lay – Fire Test

Industrial Loose Lay

Industrial Loose Lay – Product Warranty

Industrial Loose Lay – Care and Maintenance Guide

Industrial Loose Lay – Slip Test

Industrial Loose Lay – Fire Test

Karndean Loose Lay 

Karndean Loose Lay – Technical Data – available on request

Karndean LooseLay – Guarantee – available on request

Illusions Loose Lay 

NFD Illusions Loose Lay – Technical Data

NFD Illusions Loose Lay – Maintenance Guide

NFD Illusions Loose Lay – Product Warranty – available on request

Belgotex Kensington Loose Lay 

Belgotex Kensington Loose Lay – Fire Test

Belgotex Kensington Loose Lay – Slip Test

Belgotex Kensington Loose Lay – Technical Specifications

Hurfords Engineered Timber

Australian Native –Warranty

HM Walk – Brochure

Elegant Oak – Brochure

Inovar Loose Lay

Inovar Loose Lay – Brochure

Inovar Loose Lay – Fire Test

Inovar Loose Lay – Slip Test

Inovar Loose Lay – Warranty