Versatility Meets Affordability

Our Luxfeel Timber Style Vinyl Flooring product is not only the most affordable you’ll find, it has the look and feel of a luxury finish.  It’s easy to install which means you can install it yourself or have one of our team do it for you.  Luxfeel Timber style vinyl boards are extra resistant and versatile.

The Naturals Collection

$28.90 + GST per Square Metre – Please see Terms and Conditions

Please See Terms and Conditions

Luxfeel Timber Style Flooring


Using the highest quality materials and prefabricated under the best manufacturing conditions and trade practices in Korea, the new innovative LuxFeel loose lay is a 4.2mm loose lay vinyl plank.The super resilient PU coating provides ease of maintenance and care. The 0.5mm wear layer is class leading and commercially rated.

The super resilient PU coating provides ease of maintenance and care. The 0.5mm wear layer is class leading and commercially rated.

There is no need for additional materials and extra labor with the Luxfeel loose lay planks, saving you valuable time and money through speed of installation. All you need is a clean, smooth substrate and a simple environmentally friendly PS tack-off adhesive system for speed of installation.


Nano Silver Coating

The Anti Bacterial Nano Silver Coating makes Acoustic LuxFeel a safe, warm and cozy flooring option for every family member or pet. Perfect for any project – residential and commercial like healthcare and education.

Hand-scraped Embossed Finish

Each plank has a minimalistic grain, giving it an authentic look. Looks like you’re walking on real timber, but feels like you’re walking on clouds.

Timber Flooring Look

The collection mimics all timber looks, ranging from Vintage, Naturals to Modern Oaks and Greys.

Easy to Keep Clean

Requiring minimal time and effort to keep in good condition.

Resilient Flooring

Flooring that won’t chip or split, made to last.

Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable

The Acoustic Flooring planks are entirely recyclable.

Easy to replace

All you need is a Utility Knife and 30 seconds to replace one of the planks in the unlikely event of it being damaged or scratched.

Fast and Simple Installation

Your floor will be installed in no time – with minimal floor preparation and requiring only a thin coat of Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.



Luxfeel DIY Installation Guide.

Step One: How To Measure A Simple Room



2. How To – Measure An Oddly Shaped Room?


3. Step One: Acclimatise


4. How To Prepare The Concrete Leveler Mix?


5. Where To Start Installing Loose Lay Plans In A Room?


6. How To Cut A Plank Against The Wall?


7. How To Cut Under A Timber Door Jam?


8. How Easy Is It To Replace A Loose Lay Plank Or Tile?


9. How To Clean and Maintain Loose Lay?

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