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Using the highest quality materials and prefabricated under the best manufacturing conditions and trade practices in Korea, the new innovative Acoustic LuxFeel features a 2mm Acoustic Underlay factory dual bonded to a 3mm LuxFeel plank.

Our super resilient PU coating provides ease of maintenance and care. The 0.5mm wear layer is class leading and commercially rated.



There is no need for additional materials and extra labor with the 2 in 1 Acoustic loose lay planks, saving you valuable time and money through speed of installation. All you need is a clean, smooth substrate and a simple environmentally friendly PS tack-off adhesive system for speed of installation.


  • no need for extra materials and labor
  • no extra trades involved
  • your time



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Nano Silver Coating

The Anti Bacterial Nano Silver Coating makes Acoustic LuxFeel a safe, warm and cozy flooring option for every family member or pet. Perfect for any project – residential and commercial like healthcare and education.

Visible Built In Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic LuxFeel Flooring is perfect for High Rises, Offices, Multi Story Homes, or Commercial Projects featuring a white visible built in underlay, exceeding the Australian ISO standard requirements for impact sound insulation.

Hand-scraped Embossed Finish

Each plank has a minimalistic grain, giving it an authentic look. Looks like you’re walking on real timber, but feels like you’re walking on clouds.

Timber Flooring Look

The collection mimics all timber looks, ranging from Vintage, Naturals to Modern Oaks and Greys.

Easy to Keep Clean

Requiring minimal time and effort to keep in good condition.

Resilient Flooring

Flooring that won’t chip or split, made to last.

Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable

The Acoustic Flooring planks are entirely recyclable.

Easy to replace

All you need is a Utility Knife and 30 seconds to replace one of the planks in the unlikely event of it being damaged or scratched.

Fast and Simple Installation

Your floor will be installed in no time – with minimal floor preparation and requiring only a thin coat of Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Acoustic Test – Acoustic impact noise reduction EN ISO 717/2

Any flooring system that has impact sound reduction qualities, has the effect of lowering the impact sound in nearby rooms or lower floor level rooms. The Acoustic LuxFeel from Acoustic Flooring, features a 2mm Acoustic Underlay that reduces the impact sound. Acoustic LuxFeel has performed an impact sound reduction test in Australia in a new high rise development, on a 200mm concrete slab. The flooring was secured with a Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to the 200mm concrete slab and was performed in conformance with ISO 140/7 “Field measurement of impact sound insulation of floors.” The levels of the ambient sound were measured before and after the testing with the result of a 58dB impact sound reduction, which surpasses the Australian Building Code requirements of “under 62dB”. This is a reduction of 10dB compared to the bare 200mm concrete slab which achieved a 68dB reading.
Class Ratings:
Heavy Duty Domestic
Commercial Heavy Duty


Abrasion Group

This is used to test the abrasive resistance of solid materials such as metals, composites, ceramics, and thick coatings. This test determines the wear and tear and durability of the flooring, by placing it under classification groups from T to F.
Acoustic LuxFeel satisfies the requirements for class T according to EN660-2, which is the highest abrasion group.


Dimension change & stability

The dimension of change and stability according to EN 434 is any change in a material’s original dimension as a result of exposure to variable weather conditions – heat or cold, while being used for its purpose. The lower the dimensional change in a flooring will prevent gaps from occurring, and this is tested under ISO 23999.
Acoustic LuxFeel passes the ability for the plank to maintain its shape during its lifetime wear in variable weather conditions.
Fire Rating Test – waiting for the result
Fire behaviours according to AS ISO9239.1-2003 represent the reaction of floor coverings in a fire.


Usage Category Ratings

Suitable for use in Class 23 heavy duty domestic and Class 33 heavy duty commercial areas.


Slip resistance

The Wet Pendulum test determines the slip class rating of flooring under a wide range of conditions. The Australian requirements are currently worldwide the best standards for pedestrian wet slip resistance. The Acoustic LuxFeel planks have a R10 slip rating – which means they are suitable for most commercial applications, except for a commercial kitchen. They pass the latest Australian slip test standard – AS4586-2013. Acoustic Flooring has a P4 test result – it is in class W, which means the risk of slipping when wet is low.


Resistance to Chemical and Stain

The resistance to chemicals and stains can be determined by the ISO 26987 standard, and describes the evaluation of materials exposed to different chemicals. The clearer the residue is seen, the higher the numerical value of the category. Acoustic LuxFeel has a great resistance to a number of chemicals or stains, passing the Standards EN 423 and ASTM F-925. Please note Acoustic Flooring is not resistant to acid solutions or other harsh chemicals.


Colour Fastness to Light

Acoustic Flooring passes the measurement of ISO 105-2 comparing the rate of fade against a scale of 1-8, respectively indicating weak resistance to fading (1) to strong resistance to fading (8), Acoustic Flooring is classified as above grade 6.



Fire rating

The specifications under the Australian Standard ISO 9239.1-2003 determine the requirements in relation to the fire hazard of floor coverings. The test determines the reaction of to fire and the burning behaviour when the floor covering is exposed to a radiant heat source.
This is used to determine the Critical Heat/Radiant Flux (CHF) value, the smoke value and blistering.
The Critical Heat Flux result for Acoustic LuxFeel is 7.0kW/m2. The higher the better value, and it must not be less than approximately 4.5 kW/m2 depending on the building class.
The Smoke development rate must be maximum 750% – minutes, and Acoustic Flooring mean value is of 278% – minutes.”







Residing on an upper level can provide you with more privacy and safety, but it also comes with a cost. In case your neighbours start complaining when they hear a fork drop on your tiles floor, or any music traveling through the flooring, you need to look at ways to reduce noise from traveling through the floor.

According to the building code Australia, the sound transmission and insulation compliance for floors applies to the following building types: Class 2 and 3 Buildings.

Our new Acoustic LuxFeel is suitable for use on upper floors of residential high-rise apartment buildings without the need for a seperate acoustic underlay.

What Does Acoustic Flooring Do?

Acoustic flooring is a system that has been created to stop noise traveling from upstairs to downstairs. Everyone knows this is a major issue, this is a noise pollution problem, that thousands and thousands of homes in the residential sector, whether they are 3 story walk-ups or high rise developments experience on a daily basis. Acoustic flooring helps with that noise pollution. It’s got a layer built into the flooring itself, which is the underlay. It is a visible underlay layer that you can see in the acoustic flooring, and it helps stop the noise or deaden the noise traveling from upstairs to downstairs, making homes and units much pleasant and more liveable to be in. And the second thing that the acoustic flooring system does, is the ambient noise within a room traveling through the room, through the wall and into another room. The Acoustic Vinyl Flooring also helps nullify that noise and the ambient noise within a room from one room to the next. Now that’s what Acoustic Flooring does!

Why use Acoustic Flooring? It is very essential for your health and well-being, and also for reducing stress levels. Acoustic flooring is needed to make people feel more comfortable in their own homes, and it’s the perfect solution for people who are working or studying. Acoustic Vinyl Flooring is the best solution to reduce noise in your home or building!

Sound Reduction Explained. Impact Sounds Reduction.

How is the impact sound reduction calculated and tested in Australia?

The impact sound made on the floor in a room is transmitted through the floor into other rooms below. This is usually measured in a multi storey building or a high-rise. In order to measure the impact sound reduction achieved by a floor covering, impact noise is generated with a hammer machine directly onto the concrete floor slab of 200mm in an emission room and the sound level (S1) is recorded in the room that receipts the sound below. The floor covering for test is then laid onto the concrete slab, and the same impact noise is made on the floor covering, then the new sound level (S2) is recorded. The impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) is the difference, measured in decibels, between the two sound levels recorded.

Impact sound transmission is usually the sound of foot steps from a unit being heard in the unit below, especially where there are hard floors installed like: tiles, hardwood timber, bamboo or laminate. By soundproofing your floors with Acoustic Flooring, the sound waves are absorbed by the built in acoustic underlay, and this will reduce the impact sound heard in the unit below.

In-Room Impact Noise or Airborne Sound Transmission

Airborne sound inside a room – ambient noise – is generated by impact noise in the room itself like a loud TV, music etc. To measure in-room impact noise, noise pressure is measured inside the room where the impact sound is generated, according to the standard NF-S 31-074. The measurements are classified into various categories, with Class A defining the best-performing floor coverings.

This is generally the sound of music, television, voices etc and it’s normally because of lightweight walls, doors and concrete slabs and structure of the building.

How to Soundproof your Floors

To successfully soundproof a floor you would generally need to add an extra layer of acoustic underlay to isolate and block both the impact and airborne noise. On top of this you would then apply glue and lay your flooring: tile, timber, carpet etc.

This is where Acoustic Flooring helps you save time, cost for extra underlay and installation cost. Acoustic LuxFeel Flooring has a visible layer of acoustic underlay built in the flooring itself that has been tried and tested and meets all the Australian standards and requirements.

Forget about multiple layers of underlay and flooring – Acoustic Flooring is only 1 layer – the LuxFeel vinyl planks!

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