Differences between Standard LuxFeel and Acoustic Luxfeel

Differences between Standard LuxFeel and Premium Luxfeel

  • Eco-friendly Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable
  • Fast-and-Simple-Installation Fast and Simple Installation
  • Easy-to-Keep-Clean Easy to Keep Clean


Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring – Planks and Tiles

Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring Gold Coast and Brisbane

At Evolved Floors we have a stunning range of Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring for Gold Coast and Brisbane for both residential and commercial application – on any scale. We also have an extensive range of Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Tiles that are a perfect replacement for porcelain, ceramic tiles and even polished concrete look flooring.

At Evolved Floors we are the only experts on the Gold Coast to supply and install Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles and Planks, within the green Zone. The green Zone covers Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and up to North Brisbane.

We understand that getting new flooring is a big decision, so we have created a custom made one of a kind designer showroom where you can take your shoes off and experience the feel of Loose Lay. Pick some samples and take them home, we are here to help you choose the best style and colour for your home.

Loose Lay is an innovative new format of vinyl flooring that is quick and easy to install. This product uses an innovative backing which eliminates the need for click-locking as the weight and friction of the material itself secures the floor in place. Featuring enhanced acoustic benefits and excellent environmental credentials, Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring has been tried and tested in key markets worldwide, proving itself to be an ideal flooring system.

Boasting the realistic designs and grain details customers expect from our flooring, Loose Lay is available in large scale wood look planks and ceramic, concrete, marble or stone look tiles and can help you create a look that works in almost any space. Loose Lay can even be installed over most existing hard floors like ceramic tiles, concrete or timber and the planks are 100% recyclable!

Our Loose Lay collection features Acoustic LuxFeel, Karndean looselay and Illusions loose lay, they are all vinyl flooring, available in planks and tiles format, suitable for both Residential and Commercial applications.

At Evolved Floors, we love and endorse Loose Lay vinyl, because it is inspired by the natural elements around us: from beautiful hardwood timber colours, to stone, porcelain, slate or marble effect flooring. Vinyl flooring is great looking and hardwearing.

Our showroom displays over 50 timber look plank colours to choose from, as well as 16 loose lay tiles that mimic stone, ceramic, concrete and slate.

What is The Best Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Finish?

Hand Scraped, Embossed



  • First you have to look at the embossing of the flooring – which is the texture on top of the loose lay plank. The best finish surface that we recommend when choosing a loose lay vinyl plank is an embossed, hand scraped finish.
  • We recommend steering away from a bp embossing, because it tends to trap dirt between the ridges, and it will look dirty in a very short period of time, making the floor look like plastic. There is also a gloss finish available – a sheen or gloss – which is not too bad for a commercial application because the flooring can be cleaned very easy. The satin or matt finish planks are beautiful for a domestic application. They are just more modern , and they look beautiful. Look for a satin finish, embossed, and will look beautiful.
  • The hand scraped feel of a loose lay vinyl plank is almost like a natural timber flooring – this is the most realistic timber looking flooring.

Client Testimonial – Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring




  • Our client in Broadbeach Waters came to Evolved Floors  looking for a durable timber look vinyl flooring, that is pet friendly, easy to maintain and hassle free.
  • We recommended Illusions loose lay for the durability and hard wearing properties, as well as the easy installation system. Due to its 0.5mm wear layer on top, it’s very durable. The loose lay properties makes Illusions loose lay the perfect choice for your home as the planks are easily replaceable in case one is ever damaged or scratched.
  • Watch what our customer has to say about the new Evolved Floors flooring installation at their home. Featuring Illusions loose lay – colour English Walnut

Video: How to Choose the best Loose Lay Vinyl?



  • You really need something that excites you, or makes you feel comfortable, that just fades into the background. What you have to look for is the photograph layer, that is actually underneath the wear layer on top. This is how it looks like timber – it is a high resolution print film.
  • The photographic print film of the timber, the higher the resolution – the better. The highest quality print layers are found in Karndean Looselay, Acoustic LuxFeel and Illusions Loose Lay planks.
  • To sum up, what you have to make sure you look for is:– A satin finish on top
    – High resolution print film
    – Korean made
    – High quality
    – Fiberglass reinforcement
    – Virgin PVC

Video: What Is The Best Vinyl Plank Product For Your Home?



  • In this video we answer a commonly asked question – what is the best vinyl product for your home?
  • If you are a young family with a few pets, you must tick a few boxes, and look at the durability factors, commercial rated.
    What we recommend is a 5 mm loose lay that is commercial rated, high commercial warranty, 0.5 mm wear layer, and hand scraped finish on top.
  • For a young couple living in a high rise, you must use an acoustically rated flooring system. We recommend here a 5mm thick loose lay plank, with a 2mm underlay built in the plank itself. It offers noise reduction in your home as well as reduces noise from upstairs to downstairs. The added benefit is that is very soft underfoot.
  • The third option is a flooring installed purely to tidy up and sell a property. You will get an excellent result using a Korean made loose lay plank, that features a very high quality print film on top, making the floor look beautiful and realistic.

Video: Loose Lay Vinyl Hit With A Hammer!



  • In this video demonstrate to you what happens when you hit Loose Lay vinyl with a hammer?
  • Does loose lay vinyl flooring crack or get damaged if you hit it hard with a heavy object?
  • Vinyl Flooring passes the durability test!

Video: Client Testimonial – Illusions Loose Lay – colour Ashwood.



  • Our client came to Evolved Floors  looking for a durable timber look floor that would be perfect for dancing, and that won’t scratch or dent from dancing on high heels.
  • We recommended Illusions loose lay for the durability and hard wearing properties. Due to its 5mm wear layer on top, it’s very resilient. The loose lay properties makes Illusions loose lay the perfect choice for your home as the planks are easily replaceable in case one is ever damaged or scratched.
  • Watch what our customer has to say about the new Evolved Floors flooring installation at their home. Featuring Illusions loose lay – colour Ashwood.

Properties of Acoustic LuxFeel



  • What Properties does Acoustic LuxFeel have that can help You?
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Nano silver technology
  • Soft underfoot
  • Warm underfoot

Properties and benefits of Acoustic LuxFeel


Properties of Acoustic LuxFeel:

  • Acoustic properties: reducing impact noise from a unit upstairs to the unit below. Noise such as: dancing, running, breaking glass or dropping cutlery etc.
  • Reducing the noise within a room for a more peaceful environment.
  • Very forgiving underfoot, feels soft and warm, unlike hard surface floors such as tiles, concrete or marble.
  • As an added benefit, the surface of Luxfeel has a hand scraped embossed finish that makes your flooring look very luxurious.


Client Testimonial: Tina Ball, flooring: Illusions Loose Lay colour Golden Pine


Client Testimonial: Tina Ball Review:

  • Our client Tina is super happy with the service of Evolved Floors, as well as the installation process. The product is perfect for their renovated home and their pet Oscar. She is very happy with the colour and matches perfectly with their new kitchen.


Comparisons With Wood, Laminate, Stone.

Stone/ Ceramic Tiles cons

Loose Lay compared to Stone/tiles

1. Cold & Hard underfootThe cold touch of stone and ceramictiles can be a bit off-putting in cold weather.Soft and warm underfoot.
2. Loud underfootLoud within in the roomLoud underneath the subfloorAcoustic qualities and deadening of sound within the roomAcoustic underlay built in minimising noise traveling through the subfloor. Karndean is THE ONLY one acoustically tested needing no extra underlay.
3. Chips & cracks easilyDoesn’t chip & crack, can be replaced easily
4. Stains easily, porous
Unhygienic grout lines
Non porous, easy to clean & maintain
5. Natural stone can be hard to manage, weight can be a problem, especially if it’s fitted upstairsLoose lay is much lighter, flexible and easier to install
6. Slippery when wet, very limited slip rated equivalentsR10 slip rated product suitable for wet areas across the rangeTextures can help to avoid slippery surfaces, especially in areas, which get wet, like the bathroom, kitchen, hall or utility rooms.
7. Long installation, no DIY optionsEasy & quick installation
8. Needs additional silicon around gaps, needs skirting boardsEasier to install
9. No recognisable brand to uphold quality insurance & warranties40 yr old Company – Karndean
10. Very expensive to installEasy & quick installation
11. In any high rise needs acoustic underlayAcoustic underlay built in.

Laminate, Timber & Bamboo Cons:

Loose Lay compared to Laminate:

1. Susceptible to moisture, if a small flood event happens: eg leaky pipe, then the entire floor is damaged beyond repair and needs replacement.Waterproof, spill and moisture proof, leaky pipes proof
2. It is loud, creaky, hollow and drummy underfootNeeds extra acoustic underlay – extra costQuiet and solid underfoot.Acoustic underlay build in the flooring, To stop noise traveling through subfloors
3. Scratches and damages easily beyond repairLoose lay is hard wearing, easy to replace if ever damaged
4. Scratches easyDurable, commercially rated
5. Loud and coldSoft & warm underfoot
6. Can curl or shrinkLoose lay maintains its shape throughout its lifetime
7. Limited warrantyResidential lifetime limited warranty,Karndean is a 40 yrs. Old company to uphold these warranties.
8Laminate boards interlock together, so if one board is damaged, it will be damaged foreverEasier to replace a plank, anyone can replace it without the need of a professional.
9. Need to replace skirting boards during installationDoes not need any additional wall trims, butts hard against skirting boards, doesn’t need any allowance for an expansion gap.
10. Loud under footAcoustic properties within the room
11. Slow installation processSpeed of installation, very quick
12. Plain designEmbossed with a realistic texture
13. Clicking mechanism can break, and boards will pull apartGrips to the ground, making boards seamless, with a patented technology
14. Cleaning like moping and steam mop will soak in between the boards making it unhygienicEasy to clean & maintain
15. Laminate will create gaps, peaks and hollows needing additional floor preparationPliable, mould to natural contours of the floor
16. Susceptible to temp changes, they expand & contract needing expansion gaps around perimeters and unsightly finishing trims.Doesn’t expand or contract.
17. Prefinished timbers = expensive maintenance & conditioningSimple cleaning & maintenance.
18. Absorbs stainsNon porous product, Repelling stains and spills
19. Needs a moisture block underlay before installationThe flooring in waterproof, can go straight onto the subfloor.