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  • 25 Year Warranty
  • High-Tech Lacquer System
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Anti Scratch & Impact Resistant
  • 5 G Lock
  • 4mm Wear Layer

Luxury in any space brings the feeling of style and sophistication, and starts from the floor up.

Introducing First Floors  – Premium Australian Engineered Hardwood Timber Flooring



Our recommendation for your new flooring, for a luxurious finish is the new Premium Australian Engineered hardwood timber flooring.

Introducing a new timber flooring range – First Floors. This is the only UV cured oil pre- finished timber flooring in Australia. This is a premium Australian timber in Blackbutt and Spotted gum. The oil coating offers up something natural and unique.  This is how timber should be. We are not filling it with fillers, just letting the natural grooves show through with a satin finish that is like no other. With the spotted gum it comes in a 14mm or 180 wide 19mm thick board. The Second one is Roasted Peat. This is something you’ve never seen before – it has got deep chocolate rich notes and tones with the satin finish oil cured board that is absolutely stunning.

So when you are looking for a premium quality, Australian made – timber engineered floor – look for First Floors.

What Is The Best Installation Method For Timber Flooring: Floating or Glued?


  • In this video, Joshua explains what is the best installation method for timber flooring: should you float the floor or stick it? In our professional opinion, and considering the climate here in Australia, and especially up in the northern states and on the easterly coast, we always recommend floating the flooring.
  • There is too much moisture content within the concrete slab that traditionally rises up to the surface. And if you have a glued plank down on the concrete floor, there is a very high risk that the moisture will come up into the timber board and through the glue, making the timber pop up and damaging it beyond repair. With the floating floors installed over a moisture block underlay, it lowers the risk of water or moisture damage significantly. Plus you have the benefit if the boards are damaged in the middle of the room, you have the option to replace one board only. You can just un click and put a new board back in place after it has been floated. If it is a glued floor, you won’t have the ability to replace one board only.
  • So when you are looking at two different installation methods for your timber flooring, The Evolved Floors installation choice is a floating floor method with a high quality  moisture block underlay, with a tongue and groove or a 5G click system engineered or hardwood timber flooring.


Do you need floor preparation under timber flooring ?


  • In this video, Joshua explains the difference between oil cured finish engineered timber
  • From hardwood timbers, to Australian native species, to engineered French timbers, we can find the best colour and style for your home!


What is the difference between Oil Cured Finish And Polyurethane Finish Timber Floors?


  • In this video, Joshua explains the difference between an UV cured oil timber floor finish and a traditional polyurethane finish timber flooring. We recommend the oil cured finish due to its durability. With the polyurethane finish timber flooring, when you scratch is accidentally, it will show a big white mark on it. Yes this can be repaired, but involves sanding back the timber, and re-coating of the finish.
  • The difference with a UV cured oil timber floor finish board it has natural grooves and textures that are very desirable. If you get a scratch in this type of flooring, you won’t get a white mark on it. There is a preparation treatment solution with a maintenance oil that can be applied to that scratch and have it completely buffed out. So there are durability factors, there are lustre factors, natural looking qualities that the UV cured oil board that will offer that the traditional polyurethane boards will not offer you.
  • So you really have to weigh up the options – do you want a natural finish or do you want a manufactured commercial board – these are the 2 options you need to look for.


What is the difference between Select “A” Grade, or Rustic Blackbutt & Spotted Gum Timber Floors?


  • In this video, Joshua explains the difference between a Select grade or premium engineered timber floor,and the more rustic version.
  • Your select grade timbers has less grain, nots and features, and it has a smooth and uniform appearance. The more rustic timbers have more grain and knots and have a more rustic vintage look.


Do you need Skirting boards on or off when installing timber flooring?


  • Do you need your skirting boards on or off when installing new timber flooring?
  • We always suggest having the skirting boards off prior to installation. The timber flooring needs to have an expansion gap to the wall to allow for any expanding and contracting. This was the skirting boards can be installed on top of the timber flooring and will hide the gap.

Do you Need Floor Preparation Under Engineered Timber Flooring?


  • In this video, Joshua explains the floor preparation process that is needed under most timber flooring ranges.
  • From hardwood timbers, to Australian native species, to engineered French timbers, we can find the best colour and style for your home!

How to Pick a quality timber flooring suitable for Australian climate?


  • If you live in Australia, when choosing a quality timber we always recommend Australian species because the flooring will be more durable, last longer and be more accurate for the climate in Australia.
  • We recommend flooring that comes from a climate that is very close to your home. When choosing flooring for your Australian home, look for timbers that come from the southern hemisphere or as close to your home as possible.

How to Pick a quality timber flooring?


  • Engineered timber flooring is perfect for any areas of your home, including your stairs, lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen.
  • Installation of Spotted Gum, engineered timber flooring in Surfers Paradise.

Why Do You Need An Acoustic Underlay Under Timber Flooring?


  • We recommend a moisture block underlay under your timber flooring, as well as an acoustic underlay. Due to the noise easily transmitting through the floor, to the floor below, it is a requirement from the Building Code of Australia that all timber flooring must have an acoustic underlay.


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