Acoustic Loose Lay – Cost Savings


When installing tiles or timber flooring you need a separate acoustic underlay installed under your floors on the concrete slab. The underlay is glued to the slab and then the tile/timber flooring is glued again on top of the underlay. There is also a need for an expansion gap to be left between the timber floor and the wall to allow for any contraption and expansion of the timber. This needs to be covered up by installing a skirting board between the flooring and the wall.
This makes your flooring need 5 steps to install: glue, underlay, glue, flooring and skirting boards.


When installing tiles, timber or laminate in a multi-story building or commercial application, it is recommended to install an acoustic ceiling panel under the concrete slab to absorb the noise travelling from upstairs to downstairs.


With the 2-in-1 Acoustic LuxFeel – there is no need for an additional ceiling panel, as the flooring has been tried and tested and passes all the ticks and requirements on its own, saving the additional cost, time and material for installing an additional ceiling panel.